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That article was a good read. One of the weakest aspects of my game is playing against fish. It seems strange since I am a decent player but I just have trouble adjusting to someone who is so content to be pissing into the wind that they cannot recognize the difference between luck and skill. Often times I make the rank ameuter mistake of trying to put my "fish on a hand" or even worse I try to make a value call with a hand that is not that strong in the later stages of a hand. One thing I have realized is that unless you have the nuts than the further a hand develops with a bad player the less chance you have to win because oven if the bottom button pairs on the board or running suited cards come you could be up against it with a made hand like top pair. Basically I feel like you must punish suckers in the early stages of a hand and then reavulate and try not to pay off hands when you miss and the fish shows strength in the later stages. By the way if I could follow my own advice my bankroll would be alot healthier

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