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I took the day off from poker today and wanted to post a short little entry about a statistic I track that I've never heard of before but I'm sure top players probably keep track of: Bluff Ratio. How does bluff Ratio work? It tracks what the marginal cost compared to profits of my bluffs. For example in my last five sessions I am 7/14 on bluffs, while using between 9 and 11 total big bets to get there. Since I have been playing 4 8 that means that I have spent about eighty dollars to buy seven pots: An incredible ratio. I wrote a story about my eight high bluff and came across that exact situation again last night
me 8h 9h
A A 5 or A 4
flop 3 3 2
He raises, and I reraise, my dream card the next two turns and he immediatly mucks his hand thinking I made a small blind special with a 2 in my hand.
Since the average uncalled 4 8 pot is about 25-30 dollars my bluffing has netted between 120 to 160 bucks in extra profit. I deduced that in order for bluffing to be profitable you need to succeed about 1 out of 3 times you make a play at the pot. I suggest that everyone out there keeps track of their own bluffing patterns in order to know for sure if they are profitable or costing themselves money. If you are costing yourself money than the chances are that you playing too many starting hands, and paying off too many silver medals. Since this is the case when you bluff people at the table will look you up nore often than not. This is why I try my best not to pay off the river and also to exercise discipline before the flop. Some people think that table image is not important but I believe that it is a variable that when understood and controlled can net you extra profit on the felt. This is the reason why if I am running hot, I sometimes show the nuts when I don't get called... Hey I don't like to give free information but I also don't want three of my fellows looking for a spot to play back at me when I bluff. Tighten your image and watch them lay down for you. Peace.
Michael Corleone

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