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Good post. Lots of introspection.

I like Stars, too, btw. SNG's are a totally different beast from cash game play.


Hey I love stars too. maybe we can play sometime, email me your aim/pokerstars ID if u want


Hey I love stars too. maybe we can play sometime, email me your aim/pokerstars ID if u want


Hey I love stars too. maybe we can play sometime, email me your aim/pokerstars ID if u want


I agree, finding a place you feel comfortable is certainly the key to a good time and good game for poker.


I like Empire myself. They have added multiple tables. I agree with you about the initial pot. I have played some of the Empire freerolls and they start with 1000, and the blinds go up every ten minutes or so. It makes for a much more relaxed game.

I do agree that Empire is lacking in tourney play though.

I play mostly ring games, and the .50/1 and 1/2 have been fishy enough for me for now. I like the software alot also. I am used to it.

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Party also has 2table (and 3 table) SNGs

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